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21-May-2019 07:35

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They may be violent, have criminal tendencies or be addicted to hard drugs.It is also possible that your increased powers of attraction may go to your head.Then all of a sudden you may be dealing with some relationship drama due to manipulation or power plays.Obsessions and compulsive attractions are other possibilities that could lead to dangerous affairs.The ideal relationships will be one in which power is shared and neither of you feels intimidated.It is through your close one to one relationships that you will learn not to hold on so tight.It may take a number of dramatic and painful experiences before you understand that trying to control others ends in the destruction of the relationship.By the same token, it is just as important that you don’t let yourself be manipulated.

Suspicions can get our of control making you feel threatened.The best way to handle any overpowering feelings is to work out where they come from.

Intriguingly, also present at the party was Macron’s mother, Francoise, 67, who is only three years older than her daughter-in-law, and who was, understandably, bitterly opposed to her son’s relationship with his teacher at the start.… continue reading »

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